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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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own language and the warrior tribe of rock where i. there's 3,500 words in this language, and it's growing. you think about that. that's a big deal, creating their own language, and then there's all these really elaborate period sets, costumes, all of these, so this will be one of the greatest race this is sunday at the emmys. >> people rooting for bed bethy white rash enjoy your weekend. thank you everyone for watching. newsroom international starts right now. >> thank you very much. welcome to "newsroom international" where we take you around the world in 60 minutes. i'm dom lemon in for susan malveaux today. here's what's going on. police in pennsylvania say as many as two people have been taken hostage inside a high-rise building. it's taken place on the 16th floor of three gateway center. it's in pittsburgh. hostage negotiators are talking to the suspect right now. we're going to continue to bring you updates as we get them here
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on cnn. we're iffing to begin with the deadly protest going on right now in pakistan. all eyes are on the middle east on this friday, the day of prayer in the muslim world. it's also a day of protest. muslim leaders are urging calm and some western -- are lossed for security. demonstrations have turned violent. there was a faceoff between police and protesters in islamabad. take a look. >> friday prayer has just concluded, and what we're seeing are some of the largest and most intense protests yet here in pakistan. what you see over there are shipping containers. police are using them to block off the path to the diplomatic enclave. that's where the foreign embassies are, the u.s. embassy, the french embassy. now, what you seem to have here is some people urging protesters
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to rush police officers and others saying don't go, stay put. and they can't seem to decide what to do. at this point it's basically a free-for-all. what you see is these protesters are throwing objects, sticks, stones and police just holding up their shields and blocking the objects. police officers are starting to throw rocks, and i think it's time for us to move back a little bit. now, what often gets lost in these dramatic pictures is the actual machine. how many people are here? if you do a quick count, there's no more than at most 400, 500
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people here. we had to make a run for it because police fired off several canisters of tear gas. we had difficulty seeing and breathing, so we came back here to where there's a rally taking place. here's what we observe. a lot of the protesters who are throwing objects, sticks, stones, they're young men, teenagers many their 20s. you see them with this mischievous smile, and you get the impression that they're not offended by any anti-islam movie, that they're getting a rush out of facing off with police. then you see some of the signs, the chants against the u.s. government against the nato supply routes, and, again, that is a sign that this is more than just about an anti-islam movie. there's a lot of anger about u.s. foreign policy, the occupation of afghanistan, and a lot of people here will tell you
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that what's boiled over is this deep-seeded anti-american sentiment that's been here in pakistan for a very long time. >> reza saya reporting there. u.s. and other western countries are taking action to protect their diplomats overseas. they have beefed up security, closed embassies and consulates for the day now in indonesia and also in susan. joining me from washington to give us more perspective on this is wendy chamberlain. ms. chamberlain is a former u.s. ambassador to pakistan and president of the middle east institute. i'm sure you saw some of the -- of what reza was reporting there, some of the outrage. ambassador, let's talk about this and a bit more. republicans have criticized the obama administration for not providing enough security at our embassies and at our consulate. you whan it's like serving in a volatile area. are there significant security concerns at our embassies and american posts overseas? >> well, look, i think it's important to understand that the first line of defense for any
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mission abroad is the host government itself. host governments are responsible for protecting diplomatic missions and their personnel, and i think what you this ad
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and do you think it will be effective in calming the protests? >> i personally think it was a smart innovative diploma as where i. i have been in the business for over 40 years. i have always found that when you speak directly to people and are honest, that's not an apology. that's just effective diplomacy. putting it in the context of pakistan, you have 85% of the public gets most of its information from television. 50% of that public is illiterate. when they see hillary clinton, but most popular women in the world and president obama, president of the united states, speaking directly to them with their faces, their words coming out and saying this was not u.s. government policy. that's the truth. >> i think it's not an apology. let's talk about how the people in the united states may feel. you know the people there well, but many people in the u.s.
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don't understand why a cheap internet movie that was made here in the u.s., not in pakistan, not -- how would you explain this cultural divide? >> we take very personally the importance of our protections for free speech, but in pakistan and elsewhere in the world it's beyond the law. it's beyond a constitutional. they are -- i have always found -- i have served for many muslim countries, muslim majority countries, and i have found the people to be very gracious, very welcoming, very accepting of my differences as a foreigner, and they expect and would like to be shown greater respect, and they find that this kind of video is highly disrespectful of them and it's offensive. now, that does not, as it did in libya, in any way excuse the violence or taking of civilian lives, the burning of schools like we saw in tunisia and consulates. that's unacceptable. >> okay. >> but i think all of us
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immediate to show more respect to our hosts. >> okay. i want to move on. i didn't know if you have seen this. there is a report in the wall street journal. there are also other critics and other reports that as for what happened in libya, that there was some signal that it was going to happen and that the criticism is that the administration and our government did not do enough to protect those people there. they had warnings and that this was a preplanned act, not a spontaneous act as the administration had said. what do you say to that? >> well, i think the evidence is still out. the fbi has just arrived. they'll do a full investigation. we'll learn a lot more later. this was coming up on september 11th. september 11, of course, is a very symbolic date throughout the world, and zawahiri who succeeded osama bin laden as leader of the al qaeda had a couple of weeks ago a call, sent
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a message out to the libyan people asking them to avenge the death of the number three in al qaeda that we killed with a drone in july. there are all these signs out there. we're going to have terrorist events in the future. was this premeditated? well, we'll find out. it was certainly a tense period. sdwr. >> it sounds like i'm hearing you saying that more could have been done. do you think the administration did enough to protect our men and women overseas? >> as a diplomat overseas i think they've done a great deal. sometimes you can do too much. it's a delicate balance and allowing our diplomats to get out and speak and communicate with the people and do our jobs or keeping us all locked up, i think they are getting it right. >> ambassador, we appreciate your time. we're out of time as well. thank you very much.
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>> thank you. new details now on that hostage situation that i told you about in pennsylvania. it's happening on the 16th floor of gateway center number three in downtown pittsburgh. police are negotiating with what they say is a relatively calm gunman identified as a former member of the military with a criminal record. he is holding at least one person who was his original target and there may be another hostage involved. gunman's mother now at the scene helping in the negotiations. she is talking with police. roads have been belonged, and public transportation shut down in the area. we'll update ow that as well go along here. here's more on what we're working on for our cnn newsroom international. the president is calling his biggest failure in office. we're going to lookt ho immigration reform could shape the election. >> and the surge is over. so what happens to the troops who are left in afghanistan now? we're going to get a live report from kabul. okay, babe? i'm fine. ♪
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the last u.s. -- 33,000 additional troops were sent to the country nearly three years ago to help stabilize it, buy more time for training of afghan forces and try to disrupt a taliban that uprising there.
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let's talk about it more now. live from kabul. anna, first off, did the surge strategy work? sfroo well, don, it really depends on who you speak to. the military will tell you that it's been very successful. that they've been able to push the taliban out of the populated areas. that the soourjs have been able to reclaim that territory that the taliban were able to take up. well, u.s. forces were very much focused on iraq, but you speak to the critics, and they will say that they -- it did not achieve what they were hoping to achieve. that really to train up the afghan armed forces. it provides a stable environment to a certain extent to allow that transfer of power, that training program to operate, but i'm not exactly quite sure whether or not, don, it's
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achieved its ultimate goal. in the process this has cost a lot of moy, and do date more than 2,000 u.s. soldiers have died. >> we have heard a lot about those green on blue attacks with the recent uptick in violence. especially those green on blue attacks. is there a timing problem here with the troop departure? >> it's certainly not ideal. you get the impression that everyone wants to get out of here. to tell you the truth, don, when you speak to troops off the record that is what they will definitely tell you. i mean, they've had to -- this was always kind of the plan that president obama boem when he gave the green light for this surge back in 2009, he said those 33,000 troops, they will be leaving come september 2012. the green on blue attacks have been 51 coalition deaths to date this year. on top of that, we've seen nato suspend joint nature wroe --
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there's definitely a feeling as to whether the mission here is working, whether that transfer of power is going to be successful, and whether the afghan armed forces will be able to stand on their own two feet when international troops do leave here in 2014. >> first off, who are they, and what is this all about really? >> their real name is the mujahedin al cal put on the u.s. terrorism list, foreign terrorist organizations in 1977 for attacks against americans, and they've also attacked the united nations offices in the 1990s, and so this group
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basically has been considered a terrorism organization. in the last years there's been -- hillary clinton is under awe court order to by october decide whether she's going to keep the group on the list or keep them off the list. now really what they consider themselves is a alternative to the iranian regime. they see it as an opposition group. they want support in the united states, and they have a significant amount of support in congress. >> where have these been for the past 25 years? >> for the past 25 years they've been many this place called camp ashcraft in iraq as kind of refugees, if you will. the iraq -- they've been looking for some other country to take them. there have been a lot of efforts by the united nations to get rid of them, sentenced them to third countries. the iraqis don't want them there, and over the last several months there's been a reeffort to resettle them in another place in iraq, get rid of this camp and so there's been a lot of debate within the
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administration about the behavior of this group because they're considered -- a lot of people in the administration -- to be a cult, if you will, and they've been really giving the united states and the united nations a headache as they've been moving from this camp ashraf, so one of the secretary of state hillary clinton -- the group was that they decided move. they cooperated with the international community, but there's -- it's been the subject of a real contentious debate within the administration over whether they should delist, but at the end of the day they didn't meet the criteria for staying on the list. now to the president of the united states. thank you, ellise. the president is speaking now in woodbridge, virginia. he was talkingbout those remarks by mitt romney, the 47%. he said doesn't pay taxes in a country. let's listen to the president now. we have the best colleges and universities in the world. there isn't a country in the
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thaert wouldn't trade places with the united states of america. so the path i'm offering may be harder, but it leads to a better place. i'm offering a five-point plan to create jobs and grow the middle class and rebuild the economy on a stronger foundation. so let me break it down in case you guys missed the convention. just in case. or just in case you only saw michelle. number one, i want to export more products and outsource fewer jobs. in the last two and a half years we created more than half a million new manufacturing jobs in this country. now you have a choice.
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we can build on that progress or we can do what the other folksment to do and give more tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas. we can continue to see outsourcing, or we can do some insource and reward companies that open new plants and train new workers and create new jobs right here in the united states of america. i want to help big factories double their efforts. we can create a million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years. we can make that happen. i'm going to need your help. after 30 years of inaction, we raised fuel standards so that i tha by the middle of the mechanics decade your car will go twice as far on a gallon of gas.
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we've doubled the amount of renewable energy we generate from sources like wind and solar. thousands of americans have jobs today creating wind turbines and long-lasting batteries. today the united states of america is less dependent on foreign oil than any time in nearly two decades. so now you've got a choice. you can do what mr. romney wants to do and reverse all that progress or we can build on it. i'm not going to let companies rewrite the energy plan, and i don't want them to collect corporate welfare. >> president obama there talking about really american exceptionalism. is he in woodbridge, virginia. later on he will speak via satellite to the folks at the aarp convention down in new orleans. president on the campaign trail of virginia battleground state, by the way. latest cnn poll showing him up
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50% to romney's 44% of likely voters there in virginia. let's move on now and talk about who can keep america safe. that will be one of the big questions on voters' minds when they go to the polls this november. we'll take a look at the security plans that two candidates are offering up. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. layaway's back. so you can pay a little at a time. yes! call me ms. lucky ducky from kentucky! okiephenokie. [ male announcer ] layaway's back. earlier than ever. through december 14th. walmart.
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in a runup to the presidential election cnn continues to break down our most important issues. homeland security is front and center for americans, especially with terror and violence grabbing headlines again. susan kelly tells us that president obama and his opponent have differing thoughts on how to keep america safe. >> killing of osama bin laden, unlookouted doutdly the security highlight of the obama administration. few argue it was a risky order for the president to give to invade pakistani airspace and if for the al qaeda leader. as a candidate in 2007 romney questioned it was worth the time and money it would take to hunt bin laden down. later saying, of course, he would have given the same order. >> don't expect much of a difference between the two counties candidates on the issue of drones either.
9:27 am
the program started under president bush, hit full speed under obama who relies on the still classified missions to limit the numbers of troops on the ground by launching hell fire missiles from the air. stoo my most sacred duty as president and commander in chief is to keep the american people safe and what that means is we've brought a whole bunch of tools to go after al qaeda and those who would attack americans. drones are one tool that we use. >> romney supports the use of drones as well. like his rival, even in the case where a u.s. citizen may be the target. stoo if there's someone that's going to join with a group like al qaeda that declares war in america and we're in a war with that entity, then, of course, anyone who is bearing arms with that entity is fair game for the united states of america. >> but there are places where the two candidates differ. mainly oer the guantanamo bay detention facility and the use of the interrogation tactic known as waterboarding where a detainee is made to feel as if he is drowning. >> it's the first executive order. >> on the guantanamo question,
9:28 am
despite his 2009 promise to return the american people to the "moral high ground by issuing an executive order to close the facility, it turned out it was easier said than done for the president. romney, on the other hand, wants to keep guantanamo open for business. on the question of torture, have you to know where it is to know where the candidates stand. while both have said they're opposed to the u.s. of torture, romney is so far refused to kashlgtize waterboarding as torture. >> i just don't think it's productive for a president of the united states to lay out a list of what is specifically referred to as torture. >> reporter: romney's lack of a specific definition worries security experts like bruce radell. >> the governor really holds it to the american people to explain exactly what he means about he won't allow torture, but that he doesn't want to comment on techniques of torture. >> reporter: obama literally banned the practice as one of his first official acts. >> waterboarding is torture. it's contrary to america's traditions. it's contrary to our ideals.
9:29 am
that's not who we are. >> a recent poll suggests that likely voters like obama when it comes to national security issues. when it comes to terrorism specifically, 50% of likely voters polled last month said obama would better handle terrorism. 43% threw think their weight behind romney. >> any american president at this time is going to wage a relentless struggle against al qaeda and associated movements because republicans and democrats alike recognize we still have a significant threat coming from al qaeda and its allies. >> reporter: regardless of who occupies the oval office come january, the only certainty, say intelligence experts, is that the enemy will still be there. still plotting to do americans harm. susan kelli, cnn, washington. >> all right. president obama is calling it the biggest failure of his time in office, so what is he going to do about immigration? is he going to get a second
9:30 am
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>> the latino vote shaping up to be a powerful force in the presidential race, but president obama and mitt romney spent the week wooing hispanic voters. last night on the spanish language network univision, the president admitted regret over his enaction on immigration reform. here it is. >> my biggest failure so far is we haven't gotten comprehensive immigration reform done, so we're going to be continuing to work on that. it's not for lack of trying and desire, and i'm confident we're going to accomplish that. >> and just the night before mitt romney took the hot seat at the same venue. even cracking a somewhat awkward joke about his tenuous roots to mexico. >> are you sure you're not a
9:34 am
hispanic? >> i think for political purposes that might have helped me here at the university of miami today, but truth is, as you know, my dad was born of american parents living in mexico, but he came back to this country at age 5 or 6 and was helped to get on his feet and recognized this was the land of opportunity. >> okay. a little -- rafael joins me to break all of this down. let's talk about president obama. has he lost support since he was not able to get -- to deliver a comprehensive immigration reform plan? >> interestingly enough, he has not. that's because mr. romney has committed a couple of political gaffs, if you will, by saying, for example, the most recent comment that he would have had a better chance of becoming president had he been a latino. that was not well taken by the latino community. but before that he made some comments about self-deportation and he was in favor of that. >> yes. >> self-deportation, essentially, meaning that making life for immigrants in this
9:35 am
country so miserable that they will have no other choice but to move back to their country. those who missteps by romney made latinos go back to mr. obama. >> he said he wanted young people who are here and going to school and leading productive lives, we want to send them back, and that's not -- that doesn't go over well with latinos, correct? >> that's right. that's right. and when it comes to the dream act, the president had been accused of reacting too late, but he said we had a big economic problem, and i had to deal with that first. >> but his critics say that he has -- that comment about that was his biggest -- his biggest regret, right, they see that as panders because they say that the economy should be his biggest regret. he know you don't speak for all at leanos, but for the most part does the information show that they even consider that pandering, or it doesn't matter? >> well, the interesting thing to me when he said that was that
9:36 am
he said it not in front of a national audience, but in front of univision in a forum sponsored by univision and facebook and in a forum that was being broadcast in spanish to the country, so i wonder if he would have said a different thing if he was speaking in the middle of a debate, but in any case he acknowledged that was a promise that he made to latinos in 2008 that he failed to fulfill. >> let's look at our latest polling. this is a gallop poll, august 27th through september 16th. hispanic -- registered hispanic voters. 66% for obama. 26% for romney. what is the difference? what difference can this block of voters make in this particular election? >> well, if you look at history, we mentioned this. in 2008 obama got 67% of the vote, and that's one of the reasons he became the president, but if you go back to 2004, president bush had 40% of the latino electorate, and if history is any indication, any
9:37 am
candidate who wants to win the white house, needs to get at least that 40%. at this point mr. romney is about 10% to 15% within getting that. >> the common wisdom is every vote that you can get will definitely help. thanks. stoo exactly. >> rafael romo, i appreciate that. >> a huge stash of methamphetamine, $42 million worth, $42 million worth, of methamphetamine found hidden in this furniture. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. well we brought back layaway, so you can pay a little bit at a time. my kids are going to be like [tearfully] this is the best day ever! [ sobbing ] [ male announcer ] layaway's back. earlier than ever. through december 14th. walmart.
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the president has been speaking to the aarp down in new orleans, and medicare, of course, has turned into a major issue in the presidential campaign, and it's an issue on the minds of aarp members who are meeting down in new orleans. president obama spoke to the aarp life at 50 plus meeting. he did it via satellite just a
9:41 am
few moments ago. let's listen. >> i have strengthened medicare as president. we've added years to the life of the program by getting rid of taxpayer subsidies and insurance companies that weren't making people healthy, and we used those savings to lower prescription drug costs and offer seniors on medicare new preventive services like cancer screenings and wellness serviced. in fact, the health reform law we passed has already saved more than 5.5 million seniors and people with disables nearly $4.5 billion on their prescription drugs. >> of course, the president's opponents getting their turn now. republican vce presidential nominee paul ryan is trying to convince them that their plan is the way to go addressing aarp conference right now. let's listen in. >> you're right to ask these questions. you're right to worry that years of empty promises by both
9:42 am
political parties are threatening the security of your golden years. and your right to demand honest answer from those who are asking for your vote. mitt romney and i share your concerns, and we respect you enough to level with you. we respect all the people ms country enough to talk about the clear choices we face on medicare, social security, the economy, and the kind of country our children will inherit. i'll warn you ahead of time. these are very serious challenges. sometimes the math can be a little bit overwhelming, but let's just start with some simple subtraction. 2012 minus 50. if you are turning 50 this year, you were born in 1962. the dawn of a new american era in politics.
9:43 am
j.f.k., civil rights, vietnam. by the time you were learning long division, neil armstrong was walking on the moon. government was making new promises to older americans. when lyndon johnson signed the medicare into law, he pledged "no longer will older americans be denied the healing miracle of modern medicine. no longer will young families see their own incomes and their own hopes eaten away simply because they are carrying out their deep moral obligations to their parents and to their uncles and to their aunts." you see, there are two sides to that promise. obligations to young and old alike. we must honor both. today our nation -- government mismanagement and political coward esare threatening both sides of l.b.j.'s pledge.
9:44 am
seniors are threatened by obama care. a law that would force steep cuts to real benefits in realtime for real people. meebl, younger americans are burdened by an ever growing national debt and a diminished future. here's the good news. by embracing commonsense reforms now, we can get ahead of the problem and keep promises people have organized their lives around. you see, if we reform medicare for my generation, we can protect it for those in or near retirement today. [ applause ] >> that is paul ryan down in new orleans making his case, his case and mitt romney's case for medicare and to help people who are retiring. he is speaking at the aarp. it's called life at 50 plus. taking us back to 1962. there are those baby boomers.
9:45 am
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more and more syrians are heading across the nation's border to escape the violence. but in their search for sanctuary, families often find a new set of desperate conditions. barbara star looks at efforts to help the refugees who have fled to jordan. >> reporter: the u.n. envoy for syria arrived at the refugee camp in next door jordan to see the grim conditions facing those who have escaped bashir al assad's regime. his visit just days after his first meeting with assad in damascus coming away with no progress towards a peace settlement, but time and space may be running out for the syrian refugees here. syrians are trying to sur vif the nonstop wind and dust storms. today there are more than 30,000 and jordan is desperate to build
9:49 am
more camps. jaffir, jordan's minister of planning, came to washington seeking more humanitarian aid as soon as possible. >> we believe the number of syrians are coming in according to the current trends that we are seeing will hit that capacity, and we have to start working very quickly at building a new camp to accommodate future arrivals over the rest of this year, and in early 2002. they are still making the case for more help. >> you are seeing that what can happen is people do not know about the misery and the conditions refugees. we're all working very hard to make the children here as dignified as possible and the basic services and goods and
9:50 am
protection. >> with no end in sight to the fighting in syria, jordan already suffering from a fragile economy believes its refugee crisis will only grow worse. >> we have to look for a second camp and a third camp and a and continues, the numbers are likely to double by the second half of next year. >> barbara star joins us now from the pentagon. barbara, what needs to happen for jordan to get the humanitarian aid its it needs? >> well, it needs cash. if the jordanians are looking for about $700 million in aid for syrian refugees just for next year alone, they hope that there will be a peace settlement and many of these syrians can go home, but, boy, it's not looking good, and they still have hundreds of thousands of iraqi refugees who escaped that war still living inside jordan. it's a real problem that country is a magnet in a region, a place
9:51 am
where a lot of refugees escape to, and it becomes a real problem for the jordanian government to survive it all. >> sadly, there are children involved here with the school year set to start. will the children at these refugee camps, barbara, get to go to class? >> well, ab drew harper, the representative, told us when we were there last month they are going to try to start some sort of classes or schools in the camps for the young children to keep them occupied, to keep them learning so they don't fall behind. they're trying to start various activities for them. they're also desperate, and at the same time they're trying to improve medical care. simple things like running measles inoculation programs across these camps so disease doesn't break out, making sure the water supply stays safe, world war iing all these issues at the same time while every night approximately 1,000 syrian refugees try to cross the border. >> barbara star, thank you very much. appreciate that. let's show you some pictures
9:52 am
now that are always interesting, and we like to call it dream-o-vision. you're looking at the space shuttle endeavour. it's on that modified jumbo jet there. it's making its way across the nation for you nor about three days. it is over san francisco, i'm told, and it's -- sacramento, excuse me. it's going to end up obviously at a museum in los angeles as we have been reporting, but there it is. it's just so beautiful to look at obviously they've been in use for 30 years now, but in 2011 that is the end of an era, and it's certainly always been beautiful to look at and a little bit of nostalgia, and as we say, dream-o-vision. final stop museum in los angeles. a little fly-over now in sacramento, california. we'll keep an eye on the endeavour and that jumbo jet. let's get one good look at it. there it is as it makes its way across. all right. never get enough of that. moving on now.
9:53 am
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we're going to take a look at what is tearing up the music charts in denmark. ♪ >> that's the hit called lights
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